Air gauges - dimension measurement
Angle gauges
Angle plates
Arbor presses
Bench centres
Bore measuring instruments
Box angle plates
Calibrated rollers & balls
Calibration - equipment
Calibration - repair service, on site
Calibration - UKAS
Calipers - digital, electronic
Calipers - ultra light
Calipers - water resistant
Calipers - modified to suit requirements
Calipers - inside outside, jenny, spring
Centering gauges
Centering microscopes
Combination sets
Comparator stands
Coordinate measuring machines - CMM
Countersink gauges
Deburring equipment
Digital displays and probes
Digital indicators - plunger & lever
Engineers squares
Feeler gauges and strip
Force and torque gauges
Gauge stands and dial gauges
Gauges - caliper
Gauges - depth
Gauges - dial
Gauges - digital
Gauges - height
Gauges - height, digital
Gauges - hole position, barrel depth and groove
Gauges - level, engineers
Gauges - pin
Gauges - plain, limits and fits
Gauges - plug
Gauges - repair services
Gauges - ring
Gauges - screw thread
Gauges - slip, block
Gauges - thickness
Gauges - thread
Gauges - thread, API
Gauging equipment - electronic
Gauging equipment - mechanical
Granite equipment
Hardness testers & blocks
Hole gauges
Horizontal measuring machines
Inspection equipment - calipers, depth
Inspection equipment - calipers, inside
Inspection equipment - calipers, outside
Inspection equipment - digital
Inspection equipment - feeler gauge, strip sets
Inspection equipment - plug gauges
Inspection equipment - protractors, digital
Jigs and fixtures
Jigs and fixtures - standard components
Laser measuring
Laser rules
Levels electronic
Levels spirit
Magnetic stands
Micrometers - external
Micrometers - internal
Planer shaper gauge
Profile projectors
Radius gauges
Repair services
Roughness testing
Screw pitch gauges
Second hand equipment
Sine bars & tables
Snap gauges
Software data collection
Special gauges & fixtures
Steel rules
Straight edges
Surface plates & tables
Tolerator ISO tolerance indicator
Vee blocks
Vernier calipers